My first memories of beer are of my Dad giving me sips of his Sierra Nevada Pale Ale as a kid. I didn't like it. I went through my cheap beer drinking phase in high school and my early 20s, but at a certain point my palate became adventurous. Being born and raised in Northern California lent itself to that with great breweries like Sierra Nevada, Anchor, North Coast and others being ubiquitous in grocery stores.


Now I take great joy in exploring the growing and vibrant craft beer production community of the west coast, and Northern California in particular. There are so many passionate, brilliant people making such phenomenal products. I am proud to be able to share that joy and passion with every person who walks through our doors.



I grew up in Davis, CA watching my dad and his friends home brew and go to Brew It Up every two months to make beer. Some of my first beers were Sudwerk and Sierra Nevada beers. I enjoy many different styles of beer. Some of my favorite breweries are  Hop Dogma, New Glory Brewing, Fieldwork, Bison Organic, Clown Shoes, Faction, Berryessa Brewing, Alvarado Street Brewing, Modern Times, Cali craft Brewing, and many others. I enjoy gardening, animals, binge watching tv shows, science and dad jokes. After graduating Chico State in 2012, I kept working in health care until recently transitioned to bar owner life.  Willie and I had the opportunity to move to Pacifica in 2014 and helped support his family in opening Devil’s Slide Taproom. Fast forward to 2015 we are married and wanting to move back to Chico. In 2016 we made the move happen and opened our dream The Chico Taproom on May 5, 2017.  I look forward to chatting with you over a beverage.



I love beer, the outdoors and the ladies.  I don’t drink beer while I eat, only before and after.  I have been a craft beer enthusiast for a while now. I enjoy beer the most over great conversations,  after a hike, or while listening to live music.